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We create products and solutions that drive businesses. We like to work and collaborate with like-minded people to build world's class products and solution together.

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Life is Fun At Nisu 

Life is all about creating memories that last forever

Work hard play hard is our main philosophy when come to work

We believe in creating a memorable journey through hard work that create "Work" and "Play" balance at work place. Join and Experience it. Dive into our world to learn, Grow and have fun together.


Must be fun place to work

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Why join Nisu Co., Ltd?

                     We believe in Hiring of Attitude and Train for Talent. Therefore, we always grow our talents by providing them the appropriate environment to train,                       learn and grow their career.     

Many Learning Opportunities 

Learning should be continuous part of life. Building talents involves many endless learning opportunities. At Nisu, we adopt various ways to enhance learning of our team members.

Meetups, workshops are just some of our internal training procedures to enhance the skills of our people.

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Community Exposure 

Our people are encourage to attend seminars and/or tech events to contribute to the community.

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Open Minded Culture 

Open-minded involves strong communication is the key to success without any barrier of hierarchy.

We help you turn your ideas into fruition in our organization. 

Our people are encouraged to be creative

Working at Nisu Feels Like Home 

People say, "There is no better place like home". So, we make our office like your home. Our get to know each others through team building, monthly exercise; we cook for each others; we help each others. Because is only one mission, one goal , one team.


No place is better like home so we make our office like our home


Professional Development 

 We are encouraged to grow and learn at every stage 

 Taxi Facility (Grab) 

 Use grab Taxi for your business activities 

Paid Leave Policy 

 Annual, Casual, Sick and Time in Lieu for you 

 Club Activities 

 Badminton, Futsal, Cooking and English 

 Food Beverages 

 Foods, and more foods and more foods for you 

Your Idea? 

 Have more ideas? Join us and let's grow together 

Are you ready?

Let's work together to grow with values and nurture your talents so that we all can contribute to the society in a better way.

Be part of our journey in information technology.

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